Crazy & Wild Summer ...

Crazy & Wild Summer ...

I'm a little embarrassed that shortly after launching this shop (that I'm so proud of) some things changed fast in my life — in a positive direction— and I found myself on a big adventure. I call it the #redheadrabbitroadtrip on Instagram.

We traveled across 6 states and stayed in 15 places. 10 of these places involved pet sitting animals (because it's so much more enjoyable than a hotel room or Air BB) and living in beautiful homes in the western states. It was non-stop action. I'm writing a little book about it now. And illustrating the animals friends we met. It was absolutely wonderful.

Though exhausted and resting now, I have fully circled back to my little shop. And have some exciting products coming out this fall for the Kimonos & Koffee collection. The first of which just released yesterday: Coffee Mugs. In the meantime, I'm offering 20% off everything this weekend. Just type in laboroflove in the discount code section.

Expect to hear more from me this fall. I promise!

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