Launch Day!

Launch Day!

what an amazing journey it has been...

I'm pretty sure that 5 years ago I never could have imagined this little shop of my art and designs. 

Art has always been a precious part of my life. But today I'm celebrating something a bit more layered and time bound.

Much of what you see here began as a grief project in 2013 painting daily for a year. One hour per day + a story for each painting. Animals have so much character they were likely servants to the cause. The project became a book The Art of Daily Cultivation.  I continued to paint daily - which has culminated into 540 paintings. I will be releasing new collections from now until Christmas and learning the ropes of being a shop owner making customers happy. That part is very important to me. 

Kimonos and scarves OH MY!

I was a silk painter for many years - in fact my first silk paintings happened on a goat farm in Northern Ca. while studying psychology and working as an assistant to a acupuncturist to pay the bills. My kimonos at the time were featured in Ornament Magazine after a gallery exhibit. The fact that this is coming full circle today with this shop thrills me to no end. I will release a collection a month of drapes, scarves, robes. Please let me know about your experience. 

Welcome to my new SHOP. Please always reach out for anything at all. I want happy customers full of love and joy on their walls and soft flows that make summer wonderful on bodies. 

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  • This is great! Did the goat farm also have rabbits? :)

    Dennis Gentry

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