Oh So Holiday Spirit!

Oh So Holiday Spirit!

It's true, I'm chomping at the bit to dive into the holidays my first year with the shop. I have copious amounts of lavender linen spray for my own pillows to help manage the stress. But it's the best stress ever because my dream shop is born.

Some collections coming out over the next 4 weeks to get excited about:

  • Kinship Calendars. I'm currently creating new are - 12 animals I spent time with this summer - and happily cared for. They each are so unique and I loved every single one of them. Max did too. Releases end of October. 

  • A new line of abstract art prints just released this week. Ethos. Energy. Emotion. 8 new art prints at super affordable prices. But 4 more coming this month.

  • Kimonos & Koffee: New coffee mugs and kimonos releasing this month. 7 New mugs just came out last week. 

  • I am concepting a new line of bunny-isms. That is what Max would say as your sardonic encourager. I'm calling it: "The Maximum Series". These illustrations will be printed on totes, cards, small framed canvas', T's and maybe socks too. 

As a first year out to market, my intention is to warm us up with color, warm themes, humor and light messages of goodness and humanity. For so many this year has been a challenge. And for some it's been a year of 'dreams coming true' celebration and comfort to all from my lil shop with new smells, soft fabrics, beautiful ceramic mugs, animals to keep you company in 2020 and me as your life cheerleader saying, go and be you, live well, get hugs, give hugs! 

Peace out.

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  • Congratulations on launching what sound like enlivening products, can’t wait to see! xo

    Amy Eden Jollymore

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