Your Questions Answered

Do you have a physical store in addition to this online shop?

No. Illustration Kitchen is a home decor shop that is fully online. This allows the artist to work with customers directly on custom-designed orders and quick turnaround with suppliers we have vetted for quality. 

When did Illustration Kitchen Open Up?

IK was initially a modern art shop Niya Christine Modern Art and Lifestyle that launched end of 2018. Closed down during the pandemic due to supply chain issues. Now re-opened in 2023 with exciting new initiatives including the artist's gluten-free cake cookbook and coffee recipe book. With the central theme of kitchen decor and textile designs, it's an exciting new venture with a lineup of high-quality products.

What is your return policy?

14-day full return policy. We want you super happy and satisfied. Reach out to us here.

How quickly will my order be processed?

For the textiles, please allow up to 12 days. For all other products allow up to 8 days, We watch the orders closely and follow up on your behalf if there are any delays we are on top of it. 

Are your products handmade?

Everything featured in our shop begins as an original handmade piece of art by Niya Christine Sisk. The scarves begin hand painted on a white piece of silk and are then translated for screen printing production with our supplier. We do offer original art and ceramic pieces from time to time. They will be noted as such in the item description.

Do you license your artwork and do you accept commissions?

Yes! If your business or organization is interested in licensing existing art or commissioning something in the Niya Christine style, let's talk. Please join the conversation ready to share your project’s scope, timeline, and budget.

Will Illustration Kitchen offer pet products and art in the future?

Yes! We are in the process of finding a vendor that offers breathable, healthy fabrics that are non-allergenic for our pet family members. And of course beautiful decor for the home. Stay tuned.